Monday, February 26, 2007

China (CN) Gansu Province Jiayuguan Metropolitan County

Jiayuguan Metropolitan County (嘉峪关市 Jiāguān-shì)


Jiayuguan is a city with a population of 150 000.

Detailed Analysis

Jiayuguan Metropolitan County is directly administered by the province.

Jiayuguan Metropolitan County 2 935 km²

6 street committees of Jiayuguan, 3 rural townships (159 541): 胜利街道 28166人、 新华街道 16920人、 五一街道 16893人、 建设街道 52007人、 前进街道 18737人、 镜铁街道 3742人、 新城乡 7954人、 嘉峪关乡 7698人、 文殊乡 7424人

Jiayuguan (136 465) has an area of 28 km² and an estimated population of 150 000.


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