Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tajikistan (TJ) Summary

Tajikistan (TJ) has no major boundary disputes, although its border with China is considered not to be final. Its area is 143 100 km² and its population is 6 127 000 (2000 census).

There are 4 entries in the world atlas for Tajikistan (TJ), which correspond to provinces, except that Dushanbe and the surrounding Region of Republican Subordination (RRS) are not provinces. They are enumerated below, with links. The 4 provinces, Dushanbe, and the RRS are subdivided into 59 districts.

Many names in this section are derived from Soviet maps. These are marked with (R). These names may not be correct in Tajik and some may have been changed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In some cases where 2000 census populations were not found, the 1989 Soviet census is used. This is noted in the world atlas entries.

Dushanbe and RRS
Sughd Province
Khatlon Province
Köhistoni Badakhshon Autonomous Province

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