Saturday, February 17, 2007

China (CN) Henan Province Jiyuan Metropolitan County

Jiyuan Metropolitan County (济源市 yuán-shì)


Jiyuan is a city with a population of 110 000.

Detailed Analysis

Jiyuan Metropolitan County is directly administered by the province.

Jiyuan Metropolitan County 1 931 km²

4 street committees of Jiyuan, 8 urban townships, 4 rural townships (626 478): 济水街道 40186 北海街道 31426 双桥街道 25211 天坛街道 22679 克井镇 62262 五龙口镇 47216 轵城镇 77930 承留镇 60270 邵原镇 38505 坡头镇 25808 梨林镇 40662 大峪镇 31661 亚桥乡 33541 思礼乡 26983 王屋乡 29914 下冶乡 32224

Jiyuan (119 502)
has an area of 16.5 km² and an estimated population of 110 000.

Zhicheng (轵城 Zhǐchéng) has an area of 1.7 km² and an estimated population of 10 000.


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