Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pakistan (PK) Balochistan Province Makran Statistical Division

Makran Statistical Division

Image: A new port has been constructed at Gwadar with expected completion in 2008. There has been Chinese and Omani investment in the area. Some speculation existed in the past that the port was meant to be the terminal of a natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan, but unsettled political conditions in Afghanistan make the project unlikely at any time in the near future.


The major towns of Gwadar (40 000) in Gwadar District and Turbat (40 000) in Kech District are district capitals in the area.

Detailed Analysis

Makran statistical division contains the districts of Gwadar, Kech, and Panjgur. Its area is 52 067 km² and its population is 832 753.

Gwadar District (گوادر Gwaadar): 12 637 km², population 185 498. Two subdivisions (Gwadar 5 019 km², population 109 748, Pasni 7 618 km², population 75 750). Gwadar (45 021) has an area of 4.3 km² and an estimated population of 40 000. Pasni (پسنی Pasni, 29 538) has an area of 1.7 km² and an estimated population of 17 000. Ormara (11 521) in Pasni subdivision has an area of 1.5 km² and an estimated population of 12 000. Sur Bander in Gwadar subdivision has an area of 1.0 km² and an estimated population of 5 000.

Kech District (کیچ Kech): 22 539 km², population 413 204. Four subdivisions (Buleda population 73 107, Dasht population 39 061, Kech population 214 521, Tump 6 748 km², population 86 515). Turbat (68 603), the capital, in Kech subdivision has an area of 4.1 km² and an estimated population of 40 000. Kalatuk has an area of 1.4 km² and an estimated population of 7 000.

Panjgur District: 16 891 km², population 234 051. One subdivision. No towns in sample.

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