Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pakistan (PK) Northern Areas (of disputed Kashmir)

Northern Areas (شمالی علاقہ جات Shimaali Ilaaqa Jaat)


There are no major towns in this area.

Detailed Analysis

The Northern Areas contain 7 districts which are subdivided into 18 tehsils. Its area is 72 971 km² and its population is 970 347.

Astore District: 8 657 km², population 71 666: one tehsil. Capital is Gorikot. No towns in sample.

Diamir District: 10 936 km², population 131 925: two tehsils (Chilas, Darel). Capital is Chilas. No towns in sample.

Ghanche District: 9 400 km², population 88 366: two tehsils (Khaplu, Mashabrum). Capital is Khaplu. No towns in sample.

Gilgit District ( گلگت Gilgit) : 21 300 km², population 243 324 (before being split): five tehsils (before split) (Aliabad, Gilgit, Gojal, Nagar-I, Nagar-II). Gilgit has an area of 2.4 km² and an estimated population of 12 000.

Ghizer District: 9 635 km², population 120 218: four tehsils (Gupis, Ishkomen, Puniyal, Yasin). Capital is Gahkuch in Puniyal tehsil. No towns in sample.

Hunza-Nagar District: split off from Gilgit District.

Skardu District (سکردو Skardu) : 18 000 km², population 214 848: four tehsils (Gultari, Kharmang, Rondu, Shigar). Capital is Skardu (Shigar tehsil). No towns in sample.

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