Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pakistan (PK) Islamabad Capital Territory

Islamabad Capital Territory


The major city of Islamabad/Rawalpindi (2 500 000) is the capital of Pakistan. Rawalpindi lies outside the Capital Territory in Rawalpindi District of Punjab. The major town of Bhara Kahu (20 000) is also in the Capital Territory.

Detailed Analysis

Islamabad Capital Territory contains only Islamabad District. Its area is 906 km² and its population is 805 235.

Islamabad/Rawalpindi (529 180 plus 781 927 in Rawalpindi and 627 841 in Rawalpindi Cantonment) has an area of 140 km² and an estimated population of 2 500 000. Bhara Kahu has an area of 3.7 km² and an estimated population of 20 000. Korang Town has an area of 1.1 km² and an estimated population of 3 000.

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