Saturday, July 5, 2008

Uzbekistan (UZ) Summary

Uzbekistan (UZ) has an area of 447 400 km² and its population is about 25 million (2004 estimate). Its population is poorly known because the last reliable census was the Soviet census of 1989, which gives a population of 19 905 156.

There are 13 entries in the world atlas for Turkmenistan (TM), which correspond to the provinces and the Republic of Qaraqalpog’iston, except that Toshkent city and province are combined. They are enumerated below, with links.

Many names in this section are derived from Soviet maps. These are given with Cyrillic script in parentheses. These names may not be correct in Uzbek and many have been changed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Andijon Province
Buhoro Province
Farg’ona Province
Jizzax Province
Namangan Province
Navoiy Province
Qashqadaryo Province (capital Qarshi)
Samarqand Province
Sirdaryo Province (capital Guliston)
Surhondar Province (capital Termiz)
Toshkent city and province
Xorazm Province

Republic of Qaraqalpog’iston (capital Nukus)

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